Some of the people we serve at the Center are often times referred to as chronically homeless or street people. They are individuals who are homeless or otherwise severely distressed due to a multitude of reasons. We refer to the people we serve as Guests. Some of our guest stay the night at the local shelter, some are living outside, and Some are living in apartments and homes, under bridges or in a wooded area somewhere in the community. Some “couch surf” continually migrating from house to house staying with friends or families until the welcome wears out. Some suffer from mental illness, substance abuse or both. Some struggle with learning, emotional and or developmental disabilities. And some are caught in a cycle of self-medication. Many are in a state of trauma, crisis and at risk or seriously harming themselves. Many are alone, isolated and seeking to be a part of a community.


Some of our guest have been in their situations for only a short time and they can get back on track and on their feet rather quickly. For others, the pattern of abuse and self-destruction has been there for practically their entire lifetime and the process and progress will often times take a slow and varied course with multiple start and restarts.

We are committed to helping people move forward. Bringing HELP-HOPE & HEALING.

Living Waters meets our guest where they are in their journey towards wholeness and healing.

Step One


By meeting our guest where they are, at the moment – providing our guest with their necessary basic needs. We share the heart of God in building relationships, as we work with people. We work with people as they are and where they’re at. Serving one person at a time No strings attached. We look at building relationships which becomes the bridge over, that we can walk with our guest through the process of change.


  • Feeding programs > Mobile Charging Station > Mail Pick-Up > Laundry >  Rest Rooms > Referrals > Hygiene > Hair Cuts > Clothes > Workshops > Case Management.


  • Compassion -We recognize each person as valuable in Gods sight, and therefore in ours. We will treat everyone with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Stability – By providing practical supports this reduces the chaos in a person’s life, enabling them to look forward and work on rebuilding their lives.
  • Community- We recognize the importance of a positive community, network of support, Positive relationships, mutual respect. We are inspired by the love and compassion of God.

Step Two

Guest Members Program

Step Two represents a growing relationship between volunteer, staff and guest. At this step, individual case management begins and the guest is expected to attend events with more regularity, as well as to maintain steady communication with Staff/ Volunteers and each other. Formal intake, Goal Setting and Planning occur.

Workshops & Programs would include:

  • Community Center > Guest Member > Lunch > Goal Setting > Community Serving Calendar> Feeding Programs > Marketplace >Educational, Threptic, Discovery Workshops > Training > Recovery Groups

The Café, Community Outreach, Market Place & The Shop our guest/community members will participate in Training, Earn Incentives, Life Skills, Job Ethics, Time Management, Money Management, and Team Work, Which all of which will enable our guest to move forward in their process.

You must be drug and alcohol free for at least the past 24 hours, to be able to participate in the Community Centers Workshops.

Step Three

Represents a maintenance relationship between the guest and the Center. At this step, staff will be focused on helping the guest maintain and expand their positive life changes from step two. Guests will also be invited to volunteer their time or talents to the Center and the community as a means of celebrating their own healing by encouraging others.